Yummy Meals with Yellow Cab and Sodexo

by Raphael Santiago

The overnight rise to fame of Yellow Cab in the Philippines fastfood scene is one of the most compelling success stories in the food industry. Over the years, this little pizza joint which started out with just a single branch in Makati has expanded to over a hundred outlets all over the country, and new developments abroad as well. Interestingly enough, part of the reason why Yellow Cab became such a sensation at the start of its operations was that people thought it was actually a foreign brand. At its inception, Yellow Cab was a masterclass in branding itself as a cool, premium alternative to the usual fastfood joints. With its stark, industrial interiors, strong use of the yellow and black motif, minimalist packaging, and of course their signature Vespa delivery scooters, it was unlike anything Filipinos had ever seen before.

Of course, the food was absolutely amazing as well. They managed to bring out a level of quality and taste that made you think you were actually eating in a hip New York pizzeria. From my high school days at the start of the 2000s, up until now that we are all working professionals, my barkada and I can never resist the allure of an 18-inch New York’s finest pizza, and a full order of Hot Wings. Yellow Cab will always be our default choice when it comes to tasty comfort food that won’t break the bank, and that everyone will surely enjoy.

There is no denying that Yellow Cab will be around for years to come, as long as they keep making unique pizzas that aim to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Now that Yellow Cab accepts Sodexo Premium Passes as well as Meal and Food Passes, I can get my quick fix of comfort food whenever I feel like it, and share it with my friends as well. I love receiving these GCs as performance incentives at the company which I work for, and they are so convenient to have because I can use them not just in Yellow Cab, but in over 10,000 of their merchant partners nationwide! It truly is the most versatile gift certificate in the country today. Thanks to Sodexo, I have made countless memories shopping, eating, and having fun with my friends – all hassle-free without even needing to shell out any cash!

Thanks to Sodexo, I can get access to the most exciting and rewarding options available, from all of the country’s most preferred brands.



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