Wise Choices from Watsons

by Linda Dela Cruz

Watsons is one of the few stores that has made a sizeable impact on the Philippine retail landscape over the last decade or so. What started out as a small dispensary in Hong Kong over a hundred years ago, has now become the largest health and beauty retail chain in Asia. The great thing about Watsons is that it’s not just a pharmacy – but a true one-stop-shop where you can get all the personal care products and daily essentials you would ever need. From cosmetics, to fragrances, skin care, hair care, and of course medicine, they have such a diverse range of available products that this model of convenience has proven to be so popular over the years. In fact, I was surprised to learn that Watsons has over 500 stores in the Philippines alone, thanks to its strategic partnership with SM.

Since Watsons now accepts Sodexo Premium Passes, it has made shopping at my favorite Personal Care Store even more of a hassle-free experience. Since I work in sales, I always make it a point to look fresh and presentable for my clients, and thankfully Watsons always has everything I could ever need for my daily beauty routine. Whenever we receive Sodexo Premium Passes as incentives at work for reaching our sales targets, I make sure to save them up because these gift checks have proven to be so useful for me whenever I need to go shopping. Having these as incentives has been a great help to our company because it’s always nice to be appreciated once in a while. I see that my colleagues are visibly more satisfied and have the drive to be more productive in order to reach their set goals.

Unlike other gift certificates which are usually only accepted in a small selection of stores, Sodexo has over 10,000 merchant partners nationwide. No matter where I am in the country when I am conducting fieldwork, and no matter what I need to buy, I can always count on my Premium Passes to provide the utmost convenience. I can now buy everything I need at Watsons not just for myself, but for my family as well without even needing to use my credit card or withdraw any cash!

With Sodexo’s Merchant Locator right at my fingertips, I can easily search for all my favorite stores as well aside from Watsons, so that I will never run out of options when shopping with the Number 1 gift certificate in the Philippines.



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