Success Stories from National Bookstore

by Alyssa Cabrera

I really don’t think there is anyone I know who isn’t familiar with National Bookstore. What started out as a small corner shop in Escolta has grown exponentially over the years into one of the most recognizable brands in the country. Up until now, I can always count on National Bookstore to have whatever I need in stock – be it the latest novels from my favorite authors, school supplies for my kids, to gift wrappers, cards and pens. It is one of those stores that has truly stood the test of time because you can always rely on them to have exactly what you need. To this day, I still visit their SM Megamall branch regularly to stock up on supplies for the home and office, as well as to pick up a few new magazines each month.

Whether we realize it or not, National Bookstore has touched our lives in one way or another. I mean, where would we be right now without their educational products and resources? With a branch in almost every corner of the Philippines, they have made an undeniable impact in bringing culture, literature, and art to the masses in their over 75 years of history. In fact, they have successfully moved into the publishing business as well, while aiming to strengthen their market expansion into other countries. There are very few stores that have had a lasting impact on generations of Filipinos – and National Bookstore is definitely one of them.

There is no way to go but up for the company as the years go by, and now that National Bookstore accepts Sodexo Premium Passes, stocking up on the essentials has never been more convenient. Whenever I receive Premium Passes as bonuses and incentives at work, I make sure to save them up so that I will have no problem budgeting for school supplies for my kids. Now that summer is slowly coming to a close, people will be scrambling to get ready for the new schoolyear again while I on the other hand will have a hassle-free shopping experience waiting for me! All I need to do is to present these vouchers straight to the cashier, meaning I don’t even need to carry around large amounts of cash with me.

With Sodexo’s store locator easily accessible through my phone, I can search for the branch nearest me where I can enjoy my well-earned GCs. Thanks to Sodexo, I will always be able to have an enjoyable shopping experience not just at National Bookstore, but at over 10,000 of their store partners nationwide as well.


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