Satisfying Meals at Shakey’s

by Katherine Castillo

This may make me sound so old already, but every kid born in the 70s can attest to how much of an impact Shakey’s has made over the years. Even though it is a true-blue American brand, it has become so popular in the Philippines that there are more than double the number of branches here than in the entire USA. After all, who can resist the temptation of a thin-crust Manager’s Choice pizza and a basket of Mojos? Shakey’s has stuck to the flavors that we have all come to know and love, and that’s what has made them so successful. I’ll admit that there are lot more choices when it comes to pizza nowadays, some with innovative food concepts that you would have never thought of, and others going for the more traditional Italian approach, but Shakey’s Pizza will always be number one in my book because it never fails to make me happy.

Since I now have my own family, I love sharing the happiness with my kids whenever we eat at Shakey’s – and now that they accept Sodexo Premium Passes as well, it has made dining out at my favorite pizza place so much easier. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, since a lot of their branches are open 24 hours, we can easily go to Shakey’s to satisfy our cravings. With the Merchant Locator that shows a complete list of sodexo pass merchants easily accessible through my phone, we can find the nearest Shakey’s branch no matter where we are. It’s always nice to share a good meal with the people I love (especially with a family pack of Chicken and Mojos) – and I can get this without even needing to use any cash or credit cards. In fact, I have become such a frequent customer that I almost know the entire menu by heart.

It’s always a great feeling whenever I receive Sodexo Premium Passes as incentives at work, because we even use these for office celebrations too. We usually order the Grand Slammin’ Deal because it’s perfect for sharing, and it includes Shakey’s most popular pizza flavors so there’s never any arguing over who gets the last slice. It even comes with chicken, mojos, and free softdrinks as a bonus!

I love these gift certificates because I can use them anywhere in the Philippines – making them very different from the usual discount vouchers I receive. With over 10,000 merchants nationwide, I will never run out of shopping choices and ways to enjoy my Sodexo GCs.



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