Premium Gadgets at Power Mac Center

by Jonathan Cortez

As one of the first retailers in the country to solely focus on Apple products, Power Mac Center has established itself as one of the foremost experts when it comes to anything Apple-related. Being in the media and advertising business, I was an early adopter of the Mac OS thanks to its slick interface and refined user experience. The added layer of security their products offered, as well as the wide array of proprietary software each unit includes just sealed the deal even more, and I’ve been an advocate of Apple for many years now.

Through all this time, I’ve always trusted Power Mac Center to provide me with the latest and greatest releases from Apple as soon as they reach the market. From the latest iPhones and iPads, to model-specific accessories, their inventory is so extensive that you will never run out of choices. I love the fact that they are an authorized Apple service center as well, so whenever I have problems with my Macbook, I can take it there and have it fixed quickly, no questions asked. This adds to my peace of mind when choosing a new phone for example, such as when the iPhone 7 came out. I got mine from Power Mac, because rather than purchasing them from gray-market resellers, I might as well get the real deal backed up by a true factory warranty.

Ever since the company I work for started giving out Sodexo Premium Passes as bonuses and incentives, I have always made it a point to save up and collect all my gift certificates, so my next Apple purchase will be even more hassle-free and easier on the wallet. My co-workers appreciate them as well, and use them on a regular basis for their daily essentials. They are so convenient to use, and everyone can appreciate their value – myself included now that Power Mac center accepts these vouchers too.

With over 20 locations nationwide, I can be assured that someone can take care of my Apple gadgets wherever I am. Using Sodexo’s convenient Merchant Locator, I can easily find Sodexo merchants including the nearest Power Mac Center branch. Given that the Sodexo Premium Pass is the most widely accepted gift certificate in the country, I have the freedom to use my GCs not just for my Apple purchases, but at over 10,000 of the most desirable merchant partners with a wide range of categories and locations.

Thanks to my Sodexo Premium Passes, I will never run out of shopping choices, and I can get whatever I need, at any time, wherever I am nationwide.



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