Memorable Meals at Mang Inasal

by Michael Sanchez

Memorable Meals

The amazing success of Mang Inasal in just a short amount of time is real-life proof that anything is possible if you just set your mind to it. From just a single outlet in Iloilo at the start of the 2000s, Mang Inasal has expanded to such a great extent that the Jollibee group bought out the entire company in 2016. In spite of all the growth, they have managed to stay true to their roots, bringing tasty and affordable meals to hungry people all over the Philippines craving for their signature Chicken Inasal.

When I was still a struggling college student, Mang Inasal would be a regular staple of our barkada because their food offerings would always offer the most value for money given our tight budgets. A single PM2 “Pecho with rice” meal would be enough to get us through the entire day of lectures given the large serving, and more importantly, unlimited rice with every order. Four, even five cups of rice per person would become such a normal occurrence that we would joke amongst ourselves that the waiter should just leave the entire tub of rice at our table! In fact, Mang Inasal has popularized ‘unli-rice’ so much that many other restaurants nationwide have started copying this offering too. What’s great about them, though, is that even their other menu items are similarly delicious and of good value, such as their pork barbecue, sisig, and palabok. All of their food is consistently of good quality and appeals to a lot of different tastes.

Now that I’m a working professional, and I can no longer finish five cups of rice in one sitting, I still love going out and treating my staff to Mang Inasal. Now that they accept Sodexo Premium Passes as well as Meal and Food Passes, it has become so much easier for me since our company regularly distributes these as employee incentives. Whenever we can’t think of where to eat for lunch or dinner, Mang Inasal is still the default choice, and we get to pay without even needing to bring cash or use our credit cards.

Given the fact that the Premium Pass is accepted in over 10,000 other Sodexo affiliates as well nationwide, I can be assured that wherever I go in the country, I will always have somewhere where I can redeem and enjoy my vouchers. It really is the number one Gift Certificate in the Philippines since it truly gives me the freedom to choose where and when I want to spend my well-earned rewards.

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