Making Memories with McDonalds

by Mark Villanueva

As everyone knows by now, McDonalds is the undisputed world’s largest restaurant chain, and for good reason. For over 70 years, they have been serving fast, affordable, and tasty food to the entire world – and I believe that they will continue to do so for as long as this planet is still standing. A classic Big Mac and fries has always been my default comfort food for as long as I can remember, and I am glad to say that even after all these years, it still tastes the same as the first time I ever tried McDonalds when I was still a little kid in Grade School. Whenever my Dad would come home from a long day of work, McDonalds was always the preferred ‘pasalubong’ for my siblings and I. Up to this day, I am glad to say that I do the same for my kids as well.

What amazes me is that no matter where I am in the world, a Big Mac always tastes the same. Whenever I take business trips abroad, I can always count on McDonalds to deliver me a taste of home and a taste of my childhood. But apart from their staple products, McDonalds always has something new up their sleeve such as the Shake Shake Fries and Banana Pie, for example, and these unique new offerings are what keeps people coming back for more of their favorite treats.

I have made so many memories in McDonalds over the years, and now I can gladly say that I can share these with my friends, family, and co-workers as well. As a senior manager in my line of work, I always make it a point to distribute Sodexo Premium Passes as small rewards whenever my employees reach their targets. These gift certificates serve as great incentives for them, and somehow inspire them to do better at work as well. They love receiving these because it allows them to share the fruits of their hard work and use them wherever they want. Because Sodexo has 10,000+ merchant partners all over the Philippines, they will never run out of choices no matter what their preferences are.

Since I can use Sodexo Gift Certificates for McDonalds, I also get to treat my colleagues in the office to McDonalds from time to time, and what’s great is that I don’t even need to bring cash or use any of my credit or debit cards when ordering! Whenever we’re feeling hungry in the office, we just reach for some GCs and happily choose from the wide array of food merchants Sodexo has on offer for us.

With so many options available for us, and many more to come as they continue to develop new offers, the Sodexo Premium Pass truly is the Number 1 Gift Certificate in the country.



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