Joyful Moments with Sodexo and Jollibee

by Regine De Guzman

For as long as I can remember, Jollibee has always been my go-to choice for fastfood. Over the years, this humble neighborhood joint has grown to become an institution that provides cheap and tasty Filipino favorites not just for us here in the country, but for millions of Filipinos all over the world. For some reason, Jollibee just has this undeniable, personal appeal that separates it from other established brands. Other fastfood restaurants both local and foreign have come and gone with varying degrees of success, but Jollibee has always been the top-of-mind choice.

As a kid, I would always be ecstatic when my parents would bring us home our favorite meals from Jollibee on their way home from work, and we would all enjoy dinner together. As a student, my friends and I would scrape together whatever was left from our allowances to buy the most affordable items on the menu – Yum burgers and regular fries. Now, as a working professional, I turn to Jollibee whenever I am looking for affordable comfort food that I can share with my colleagues after a long day’s work in the office. It is because of these experiences that all it takes for me these days to relive my childhood, is just a few bites of juicy Chickenjoy.

Part of the reason why I think Jollibee has stayed successful after all this time is that they know exactly what their customers want and need. They don’t stray away from traditions or try to needlessly ‘improve’ on their staple bestsellers – but at the same time they are always trying to develop new products that can please the tastes of people from all walks of life.

Menu items such as the Tuna Pie and Spicy Chickenjoy have become successful because while they are new developments, they still have the same particular Jollibee taste that people have come to love. The best memories are made when good food is shared, and this is something that Jollibee has always managed to capitalize on not just through their food offerings but through their iconic commercials throughout the years as well.

Now that Jollibee accepts Sodexo Premium Passes as well as Meal and Food Passes, it has become even easier for me to share the happiness with the people around me. Whenever I receive Sodexo Premium Passes at work as a performance incentive, I make sure that I get to treat the people who helped me get to where I am today. My co-workers love eating at Jollibee just as much as I do, and these GCs make our lives so much easier since we don’t have to carry around cash or use our credit cards when buying our favorite meals. Thanks to Sodexo, we have had so many memorable experiences that would not have been possible with any other gifting solution.

As long as I have my Sodexo GCs with me, I will always have the freedom to choose where I want to spend my well-earned rewards.



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