Delicious Dishes at Kenny Rogers Roasters

by Michelle Rivera

In my opinion, Kenny Rogers Roasters is one of the most underappreciated restaurants in the country today. They consistently deliver delicious roasted chicken and other specialties, yet they are not as well-known as other, more established fast food joints. I appreciate the fact that all Kenny Rogers locations have a more casual, laid-back atmosphere, which allows me to enjoy my meal more and enjoy the company of the people around me. Because of this, I love taking my family here as well, and whenever we go to the mall and can’t think of somewhere to eat, Kenny Rogers is always our default choice. After all, who can resist their fresh plates of grilled ribs and roasted chicken, complete with their famous corn muffins on the side? I certainly can’t, and the variety of side dishes they have only makes the authentic American experience even better.

When I learned that all Kenny Rogers branches nationwide now accept Sodexo Mobile Passes, I was delighted because I knew that it would make dining in my favorite restaurant even more convenient. Since our office started distributing Mobile Passes as performance incentives, a lot of people have come to appreciate this gesture since all of their vouchers can now be conveniently accessed right from their phones.

I, for one can now easily grab any of their new breakfast meals on the way to work, just by showing the Mobile Pass code on my phone upon payment. It’s that easy! Using Sodexo’s convenient Merchant Locator that shows me a complete list of mobile pass merchants, as well as establishments accepting Sodexo gift certificates, I can easily find the nearest Kenny Rogers branch, no matter where I am in the Philippines, whenever I am craving for something filling yet still affordable.

Sodexo Mobile Passes really are the future of gift vouchers, because in this day and age we can’t even step out of the house without having our phones in our pockets. My kids even use these to treat their friends out at Kenny Rogers too, and they are always amazed when they see that you don’t even have to take out your wallet to pay for their meals.

With the list of accepting merchants growing larger every day, the Mobile Pass is sure to become one of Sodexo’s most popular and defining products in the country, as they continue to champion Quality of Life for all their customers.



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