Chow Down with Chowking and Sodexo

by Elaine Zamora

From just a single branch in the outskirts of Makati in the 1980s, Chowking has grown to be one of the most well-known and respected players in the fastfood industry nowadays. For over 30 years, they have been serving the Filipino people high-quality, affordable, and tasty Chinese food. At a time when most fastfood restaurants established chose to specialize in American cuisine (as that is where the concept came from in the first place) Chowking chose to challenge the norm and create what was probably one of the first Chinese quick-service restaurants. The brand became so successful, in fact, that in 2000 they were famously bought out in full by the Jollibee Group of Companies. With the machinery of Jollibee now behind them, Chowking has continued to grow up to this day and even started expansion into other countries as well.

What I love most about Chowking is that the classic taste of their food offerings has never changed even after all these years. The Chowking that I remember from my childhood, still is just as good today even now that I have my own family. My kids also enjoy the same Asado Siopao and Beef Mami that I’ve grown to love, and I like the fact that they also try to introduce new menu items regularly as well, to appeal to the tastes of Filipinos and gain new customers too.

I recently learned that Chowking now accepts Sodexo Premium Passes, and I was ecstatic since I regularly receive these gift certificates at work as part of our employee benefits program. Now whenever I want to treat my family to a nice dinner or just looking for a quick bite in the middle of the workday, I just need to present my vouchers straight to the cashier when I pay for my orders; with no cash involved! Thanks to Sodexo, I can easily share the joy I feel whenever I eat my favorite meals at Chowking, whenever and wherever I want to.

What’s great is that apart for Chowking, I can use my GCs in over 10,000 of Sodexo’s merchant partners all across the Philippines – perfect when I want to go on a shopping spree since I don’t have to carry around any cash with me. I know that wherever I am nationwide, there will always be a place where my Premium Passes will be accepted.



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