Awesome Finds at Ace Hardware

by Benedict Vicente

Ace Hardware has always been one of my favorite stores to visit. I have always been fascinated by tools and carpentry even as a kid, and this interest was expanded on even more when my dad taught me the basics of home improvement. From there on out, we would always make it a point to go into Ace Hardware whenever we would go to the mall, and while my mom would shop and go to the grocery - we were always on the lookout for things to change at home – be it cabinet handles, faucets, doorknobs and the like. We would always be sure that Ace Hardware would have everything we need, in stock and ready to go for the next project.

That was more than a decade ago, and now that I have built up my savings, I am starting to fix up our old family home, as an investment for my future. After all these years, I can still rely on Ace Hardware to have all the essentials I need, from the smallest nuts and bolts to large stacks of marine plywood. Now that the rainy season is coming around, it’s always better to be safe than sorry with an old structure. Aside from the usual weatherproof items and furniture which I’ve already purchased from them, they even have complete sets of plumbing fixtures - which is one of the things I am fixing up now so our roof doesn’t leak as much; and all sorts of sealants and protective coatings for that finishing touch.

When I first learned that Ace Hardware was accepting Sodexo Premium Passes, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities since I can now get all of my daily essentials without even needing to use cash. Aside from home improvement products, I can also can count on Ace Hardware for my car care essentials as well. They have wiper blades and lubricants for virtually every manufacturer, along with hydrophobic coatings, waxes, and car covers for protection under the rain that I can use everyday.

Their product selection is so diverse that I am never left empty-handed no matter what I am looking for. With Sodexo’s easily accessible Merchant Locator, finding a complete list of Ace Hardware branches accepting Sodexo Gift Certificates is just a single click away. I am thankful that the company I work for regularly gives these out to their employees, as they are so easy and convenient to use. A lot of my friends have taken a liking to these GCs too, and whenever they ask me where to buy gift certificates, I always refer them to Sodexo’s convenient online store, GCregalo. Thanks to my Sodexo Premium Passes, shopping is now truly hassle-free, and I can enjoy my well-earned vouchers in over 10,000 merchants nationwide.



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