A Unique Shopping Experience with Uniqlo and Sodexo

by Alex Garcia

Uniqlo’s continuing rise as one of the premier fashion retailers in the world is nothing short of amazing. Come to think of it, back in 2012 before they opened their first store at SM Mall of Asia, the brand was virtually unknown to most Filipino consumers. To them, it was just another foreign fashion brand trying to enter into the very competitive local market. Fast forward to just 5 years later, and Uniqlo has become a household name and a veritable retail powerhouse, with 36 branches and counting all over the Philippines.

What makes Uniqlo, well, unique from all other clothing brands is that they truly make an effort to appeal to a very wide audience. Unlike other retailers that focus on just one main lineup – officewear or streetwear for example, Uniqlo literally has something for every need you could think of. From my niece who is still in grade school to my 75-year-old grandfather, and myself included, everyone loves shopping at Uniqlo because there will always be something cool and useful for you on the shelves.

With their neutral colors and simple styles, Uniqlo’s products are made to please people from all walks of life. They do not aim to conform to any current trends like their competitors; rather they aim to produce pieces that are simple and timeless. This is the reason why I think they have become so successful throughout the years, not just here but in all their international locations as well.

I was thrilled to learn that Uniqlo now accepts Sodexo Premium Passes, because it has made shopping at my favorite store so much easier these days. I always look forward to receiving Sodexo Premium Passes as incentives and rewards in my line of work, and when I get these I make sure to treat my family as well. These GCs make it so easy for us because we no longer have to bring cash or credit cards when we go shopping, so it’s much safer for everyone. We can shop for all the coolest clothes and latest trends guilt-free, just by presenting our vouchers straight to the cashier.

What makes Sodexo Premium Passes so invaluable is just how flexible they are. With over 10,000 merchant partners, I can use them not just in Uniqlo, but also avail numerous other shopping, dining, leisure, and entertainment options all over the country. No matter where I am, I will always be spoilt for choice as long as I have my Sodexo gift certificates with me.



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