A Fashionable Life with Bench and Sodexo

by Jerry Alicante

I have always been a fan of Bench, ever since they rose to fame in the 90s. From just a simple clothing store, they have expanded hundreds of times over to include almost every personal care and fashion item you could think of – from watches and belts, to hair products and perfume. They are one of those rare companies that have stood the test of time amidst stiff competition, and have moved on to try and penetrate international markets as well. Among all the fashion brands present nowadays in the industry, they are the one true benchmark of the Filipino success story. With attractive and fashionable clothing lines, collaborations with local designers, and famous celebrity endorsers in their roster, Bench has become a true powerhouse of retail here in the Philippines.

What has made Bench so successful after all these years, in my opinion, is that they have never rested on their laurels, and they have kept up a continuous culture of innovation. It seems as if every few months, they come up with new products in business lines which we never would have thought they would venture into. When I was in elementary school, Bench came up with their body sprays and hair gels, which proved to be immensely popular among boys my age. Later on, they would capitalize on this popularity by establishing Bench Fix, one of the first to popularize the trend of upper-class hair salons where you could truly get a signature haircut. 

With product lines and services designed to appeal to every consumer, they have even begun to bring in well-known brands from other countries as well, to appeal to a wider audience and expand their reach in the market. Now that the entire Bench group accepts Sodexo Premium Passes as well as Mobile Passes, shopping has become so much easier since I don’t have to bring around considerable amounts of cash, or even ATM and credit cards anymore to have an enjoyable shopping experience. No matter where I choose to go, I can be sure to find somewhere that accepts my GCs since Sodexo has over 10,000 merchant partners nationwide. I’ve been receiving Sodexo vouchers for years as rewards for exemplary performance in the workplace, and what I love about them is that they are so versatile.

Like Bench with the local clothing industry, Sodexo has raised the bar for Benefits and Rewards services here in the Philippines. With enticing merchants in their lineup such as the Bench Group, and new products such as the Mobile Pass, I believe that they will continue to do so for many years to come.



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